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Safety and Health

Safety Awareness Centre
Keppel Land, with the support of its local Vietnamese partners, Hung Phu, Resco, Sowatco, Tan Truong, and Tien Phuoc, has set up Ho Chi Minh City's first Safety Awareness Centre.

The integrated safety hub will provide training to raise the safety standards among its workforce, the majority of whom are from its contractors. All workers will attend mandatory safety training before they are allowed to work onsite.

Safety training Safety training

Manned by certified safety officers, the Centre covers all aspects of training with special focus on height safety for high impact risk activities, as well as safety in specialised areas including welding, pipe fitting, and scaffolding. The Centre comprises two classrooms, a safety journey hall, a scaffolding training area, and training zones built to simulate the work environment with additional training on site based on actual site conditions

As of April 2018, over 33,000 workers have undergone training since the opening of the Safety Awareness Centre in 2011.

Opening the Safety Awareness Centre Managed by certifed safety ofcers, the Centre covers all aspects of training with a focus on high impact risk activities.



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